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How to be in business for yourself but not by yourself...

All businesses pose challenges. When you're working alone, it all falls on your shoulders to make difficult decisions, solve sticky problems, or deal with situations you've never encountered before. And if you ever start feeling discouraged, overwhelmed or faltering in motivation, it's up to you to pull yourself back on track. Unless, of course, you have a mentor you can trust to give you top-notch guidance when you need it most.

But a good mentor is hard to find. Even if you manage to find a wise mentor, he or she may not be fully experienced in your particular business. You can some get good general advice, but maybe not the specifics you really need.

Problem solved! Once you're part of the ScentPro team, support is just a phone call away. If you find yourself perplexed, and need guidance, just ask! I've found that Young Living stands apart from other network marketing companies in the quality of support you get from your fellow members.

Our training program takes all the guesswork out of starting and growing a successful business with Young Living

When you join the ScentPro team, you'll have exclusive unlimited access to pur training website -- a site Margarete developed especially for distributors who sign up with our team. The training website serves as a complete step-by-step guide for becoming successful in this business. She honestly share with you everything she's learned so far.

Margarete says: "When I joined Young Living in 1996, I did not have access to this kind of resource. The company was new and company support wasn’t well-developed then. I made fairly good progress through trial and error. But imagine how much easier and faster it will be for you to achieve your goals if you have a real blueprint of proven techniques and practical strategies to follow! That is why I’ve put so much time and effort lately into my training site, and why I urge all new members to go there immediately after signing up."

The new training website will tell you how to...

  • Begin your very first marketing campaign Find buyers who are already interested and motivated to buy from you Reach your first prospects most effectively Follow up with prospects the right way Talk to people about what you do to spark their interest Listen better to find out what people really want Figure out what product is the perfect match to your customer Get them so excited about it, they'll practically beg you to take their money Find out how to motivate new distributors Cultivate the right success attitude for yourself Find out what you really want, then establish clear workable goals and work steadily towards them
  • Best of all, my training gives you real direction in getting your business to take off. Imagine, no more floundering, wondering and guessing!

Phone and email support is also available. You may call your sponsor or Margarete by phone or email anytime with questions. We are committed to helping our downline members reach their success goals.

Nothing else matches personal communication with people who have already packed away years of experience... have been there, done that, and gone through the exact ups and downs you're going through now.

Gentle yet firm guidance is how we work. And you don’t have to wait to sign up to talk to any of us. You can call us now to ask questions about Young Living.

Other resources:

  • Young Living offers a wide selection of training materials and resources, including an email newsletter, weekly free phone conferences, and a variety of books, CDs and pamphlets. Throughout the year, company trainers travel throughout the United States and Canada offering evening and weekend training seminars, either free or with a minimal charge.
  • And finally, an annual convention offers training in marketing, along with recognition of performance and awards.

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