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We like to share the secrets to our success and how you, too, can excel.

Here is the number-one secret to running a successful business: Develop a real passion for the product or service you're selling.

Successful Young Living distributors have vastly different personalities, backgrounds and interests. However, they do share one major characteristic:

They are all passionate about the products.

Young Living makes it easy to love what you do with their superb product lines.

Once you begin using Young Living's essential oils and other health products in your daily life, you see and feel the difference quickly and often dramatically. Young Living delivers the life-enhancing benefits people are searching for.

Here's how you too can ignite the spark of passion for these products...

Get to know the products. Purchase a starter kit, and use it on yourself, your family, your pets and in your own household before you even think about marketing such items to others. If you personally love using the pure, therapeutic oils, personal care and nutritional supplements, your joy and enthusiasm become your biggest selling point.

Some new distributors already have experience in the holistic health field. Many more start out knowing nothing and learn as they go along and of those many so loved the effectiveness of the products that they have become massage therapists, naturopaths, and other practitioners of alternative healing... choosing whole new careers and changing their lives... and signing up with Young Living is what inspired them!

So what does it really take to achieve success as a YL distributor? Just two things.

If you want to go beyond buying and using these products yourself and for your family, you will need to learn some marketing concepts and skills. (We'll talk more about these very shortly.)

More important, you need to discover the "WHY"... the deep-down reason you want to succeed. This WHY shapes your success attitude. It helps you focus on your goals and drives your daily accomplishments. Without a clear understanding of your goals, it’s easy to falter and fall behind. As your mentors,  the Team will help you find your WHY and show you how to cultivate the success attitude that works for you... and continues to work every day.

Now, let's talk marketing and sales for a minute.

If you get weak in the knees when you think of selling something to a total stranger, you’re not alone! Most of us feel shy about marketing, because we mistakenly associate it with a pushy, aggressive, obnoxious sales approach that most of us dislike.

When you join Young Living, you'll learn effective marketing skills that use an opposite approach to pushy and obnoxious. In fact, you'll have best results when you have a genuinely caring attitude and good listening skills. How relieving it is to find that aggressive selling is not only unnecessary—it’s ill-advised!

How will you market Young Living products and the opportunity they offer?

You'll be learning tried-and-tested marketing techniques that successful, savvy businesses use to increase sales and income, such as...

  • How to find the right people to market to... ones who are already hungry for this kind of product line or the opportunity. How to use "soft-sell" approaches like offering information or giving demonstrations that deliver real value. Even the most shy salesperson can do this! How to establish a website quickly and easily. Even a total beginner can get started immediately. (Remember, our team members all get their own, free website just like this one along with training and support from experienced team members.) How to use advertising to generate leads almost effortlessly. What could be better than having interested people contact you? How to “network” most effectively and in a way that is comfortable for you.
  • How to get people eager to buy products from you or join your team. The truth is, people don't want to be sold... they want to sell themselves.

Marketing skills are some of the most useful and important skills you'll ever learn... and once you learn them, you'll own a personal asset that's yours forever.

Any business you can think of, whether it's a retail store, a cleaning service, a hair salon... whether it's home-based or run out of a posh downtown office... needs a marketing plan to make it successful.

If you operate any typical business, it's totally up to you to figure out your own marketing strategies. With Young Living, it's different.

Your marketing style can definitely reflect your own personality and temperament. But there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Most of the methods, techniques and marketing materials are already available and waiting for you to put them into action.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is unusually high with Young Living. Product quality frees you from the burden of hard-sales tactics. Marketing support frees you from having to figure out marketing methods all by yourself. A double dose of freedom!

Here's how Young Living offers you the opportunity to experience exponential business growth...

Many people look upon network marketing as something completely different from other businesses. It is not. Here is the main difference:

In most business, you earn money only one way, by selling a product or service.

With network marketing, or "multi-level marketing" as it's also called, you earn money in two ways: 1) selling products and 2) having people sign up with you as distributors, who in turn buy and sell products, and sign up their own distributors.

When your distributors buy and sell products, you earn commissions. In time, your personal group or "downline" allows your income to build exponentially as your group expands, especially if you've involved several highly motivated people. With no other business need you invest so little to make and become so much.  

Giving back and gaining more: becoming a mentor to your own downline.

Once you get more familiar with the products and the company and get the right training (which you will when you join our team), you'll be able to give to your own distributors the knowledge and skills to be successful. All you have to do is show them the same process you went through and give them access to the same training resources.

It's also possible that you will sign up some people who are more experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in this business than you are! This is a truly wonderful thing, because you ultimately benefit from their expertise and energy.

Among the successful distributors who have signed up with us...

How to know if you can jump on the fast track to success.

You don't need to be a natural born salesperson or be experienced in business to become successful. And you certainly don’t need the pushy, “hard sell” approach with Young Living products.

But it does help if you are interested in or curious about wellness and healing.

  • Have you ever experienced what aromatherapy can do for your body and mind? Do you seek out alternative forms of health? If so, you may be well-suited to becoming the next Young Living success story!

    Do you appreciate organically grown and processed, high quality products? Do you have a deep respect for the earth and its natural treasures? If so, you’ll be more than pleased with the Young Living philosophy.

  • Do you have a genuine interest in people? Do you have a desire to help people feel better, look better and live better? If so, people will be drawn to you because they know you are the real deal.

Integrity will get you far with Young Living, as will good listening skills. People always know when you’re just out to make a profit. If you have dollar signs in your eyes, people will see it—and do their best to avoid you. But when you have products and services you love and are passionate about, people can tell that as well and want what you have. And that my friend is what makes our company, our business and our team so special.

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