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Read what some of our members share about their likes, challenges and successes.

ScentPro Member Profile: Carol Cox Faust, CA


Carol is a lifelong musician and music educator/consultant as well as a small farmer. Her husband Malcolm and Carol have been involved in organic/ natural/alternative/complementary health modalities for more than 40 years. Since first experiencing Young Living six years ago, the Fausts have Young Living-ized their home and lives. Two of their three grown daughters are also Young Living distributors and attended the 2005 YL convention with Carol. They believe excellent health is the number one most important need of humans in order to live life fully as intended by our Creator.

Q: What attracted you to Network Marketing:
I was not looking for a business when I learned of Young Living. I was intrigued when I heard about the products and decided to try them for myself. I remember specifically saying, "I'll think about the business end after I use the products." 

I had been involved in Network Marketing before. I do not like to sell and have to be very sure the products are something I can honestly and completely recommend to others as my integrity and accountability are important.

I have been self-employed for 40 years so am used to being my own boss. Network Marketing is something which allows me to work at home at my own time.


Q: Why did you choose Young Living?

I loved the Young Living products and had wonderful results with them. It was almost like they chose me. After 35 years dealing with alternative/complementary health modalities, the essential oils were the first time I could honestly say, "It works!" The Young Living oils and natural/non-toxic products are now my "other passion."

Q: What do you like best about your business?

I suppose what I like best about my business is that I am self-employed, that I am the boss and can build it the way I choose to, that I can work from home, that I believe in the products and know they can help anyone become more healthy.  This is a service business -- helping people live fuller, healthier lives.  I especially liked the term I heard Vicki Opfer use:  "wellness enhancement."

Q: What were your major challenges?

Time is probably my main challenge.  I have a limited amount of time that I can spend on this business at present as I have another fulltime business (which I love and which pays the bills), a small farm, a family, and I am a student trying to finish an advanced degree.

Q: What advice do you have for others facing similar challenges?

I believe the most important thing is to hang in there. I believe if one keeps working at the business it WILL in time succeed. My understanding is that most people give up fairly early on. As I have kept on, my business has increased. Because I believe in the products, I choose to keep on keeping on.


ScentPro Member Profile: Judy Loveda, SK

As a former teacher interested in healing, Judy Loveda found her true calling when her network marketing choice lead into coaching and educating about alternate choices to achieve wellness. She enjoys travel and has built an international business in the pursuit of her passion - helping people achieve wellness and

Q: What attracted you to Network Marketing:
The fact that the income is a sure thing and every bit of effort is cumulative. Also because I do not need to stock inventory or do the book keeping regarding check payouts. The supply company does it all.

Q: Why did you choose Young Living?
The beautiful rich colors along with the delightful healing fragrances that produce results with one drop attracted me.

Q: What do you like best about your business?
The fact that individuals can take marketing training and replicate the system of using the products and building the business.

Q: What were your major challenges?
Overcoming the fear of believing I had to do hard selling and pressure people to buy whether or not they understood why it would be to their advantage to do so, and so I would let them waffle.

Q: What advi
ce do you have for others facing similar challenges?
Get trained in the understanding of marketing right from the start. Have a burning desire to improve your health, replace buying from the regular stores and buy from your own supply company so that you receive discounts and healthy chemical free products. Also replicate your system that produces results.


ScentPro Member Profile: Margarete de Gaston

Mother, grandmother and farmer. After a disastrous freeze Margarete needed to establish a more reliable income source than farming offered.  A first stab at multi level marketing ended quickly as neither the products nor the support were inspiring. She discovered Young Living Essential Oils as a business by “accident” when she dabbed a drop of an oil called "Abundance" behind her ears and the fragrance attracted several people asking what she was wearing and actually ordered products. Two of the original four are still today, 9 years later, part of her dynamic business.


Q: What attracted you to Network Marketing:


A: Of all the possible businesses I could have chosen

the concept of network marketing greatly appealed to me.

After I educated myself about the tremendous benefits

of the leverage this business model  offers and what that

meant to me in the long run, it seemed a shoo in. It also

offered me the freedom to adjust my business hours

around farming, home schooling teens and  raising a



Q: Why did you choose Young Living?


A: Network Marketing is a PEOPLE business. I love

people and to interact with them. However, I do not like

selling and that was the problem with my first stab at this.

Since I did not like the products much, I had to sell. Once

I found my PASSION in the oils sharing was easy. People

responded to my passion and they in turn found their own

passion using these amazing products. There just is

nothing out there even close to what we have in

Young Living.

If you love what you do, success is not far behind.


Q: What do you like best about your business?


A: Oh, there is so much. Probably in looking back the best

thing about it is the potential of  personal growth.

Becoming extremely successful in anything rarely happens

over night and I see that as a good thing. It takes time,

experience and adjustment to handle success. Then, there

are the rewarding relationships that develop and the

satisfaction of  being told about the impact I have had in

some of my associates’ lives.


Q: What were your major challenges?


A: My major challenges were in

    1) finding and taking the time to build my business.

        Finding excuses not to do it after a long, hard

       day farming and looking  after the family was very


    2) Not to quit when the going got tough.

    3) To go it alone without much support from my upline.


Q: What advice do you have for others facing similar challenges?


A: 1) Establish the WHY you want to become successful

         in your business. What is your driving reason?

     2) Realize that this is YOUR marketing business.

         You are the CEO and what you give to it, is what

         you will get out of it. Look at Young Living as a

         “supplier” of the products and some of the back

         office work such a handling, shipping, billing, as

         well as keeping track of  who is in your downline

         and the commissions you earn from their efforts

         and yours. In order to earn your commissions

         you are expected to sell products as well as help

         train downline members to do the same.

     3) Once you found the company right for you –

         NEVER QUIT. Rather work at your personal

         development while sharing about your business.

         If you keep at it, you will succeed.

     4) Speed up your success by finding the support

         you deserve. If your upline does not or can not

         give it to you, go up till you find support. If you

         still can’t find it, create your own. That is what

         I have done. I am determined to be the best

         upline anyone can  possibly find in any network

         marketing business. That is why I have

         established the ScentPro Team

         so anyone in my team has access to the tools,

         education and support they need and deserve

          in growing an awesome business and lifestyle

         for themselves.


ScentPro Member Profile: Melodie Kantner, OH
Melodie is a watercolor artist and enamelist. Young Living is a family affair for Melodie, husband Mark and son Brandon. Melodie is involved with Young Living since January 1997. Brandon also is a Young Living distributor, musician and an award winning artist. He and his mother created an award winning website and newsletter called "" that has been educating readers about essential oils since 1997.
(Brandon also helped to  develop the site.)

Melodie's responses to our questions:
Q: What attracted you to Network Marketing:
I liked the idea of working out of my home and having the freedom to do whatever I like to do.  We live in a rural area 12 miles from a small town.  We live in the poorest county in the state of Ohio.  The idea of working full time in a low paying job that I hate was just not for me. I love being my own boss.

Q: Why did you choose Young Living? I was already sold on the concept of network marketing when I came across Young Living.  I was seriously depressed and experiencing severe financial problems.  My sponsor, Bonnie Muhn, shared the Abundance oil blend with me.  In minutes I went from severe depression to feeling absolutely wonderful.  It was an amazing transformation.  I realized what a powerful product I had in these oils if they could make that kind of change within minutes.  What a wonderful product line to build a business with. 

Q: What do you like best about your business? I love several things about this business. One thing is that I don't have to have a stock of inventory. Another I like is that, after building my business, I now have a solid income that comes in whether I am sleeping, playing, sitting on the beach or whatever I am doing.  This business gives me freedom to do whatever I want to do. What I love the most is that, I am able to help others build a business that will provide the same freedom that I have been able to build for myself and my family. I have been especially blessed to see my son Brandon reach Silver Master Star and my sister Melissa reach Master Star. (Melissa is almost to Silver.) It is a joy to see them experience this kind of freedom. I look forward to helping many more reach their goals.

Q: What were your major challenges? In the beginning I didn't have much money and I had to use a lot of free and low cost advertising ideas.  Because of this, the business was a slow build in the beginning.  It was definitely worth sticking with it.  It's like a snowball rolling.  It starts out small but eventually it gets bigger and grows faster. 

Q: What advice do you have for others facing similar challenges? The biggest piece of advice is that you should stick with it.  Do a little every day to build your business.  Listen to success and motivation audios to keep you in the right mind set.  KNOW you will be a success and VISUALIZE yourself as a success. USE the products.  I have seen people get involved with the business but never buy anything.  How can you promote a product you never use?  


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