Why You Can Trust Young Living Essential Oils

"Only the highest quality essential oils can bestow their full therapeutic powers on users. If you want results, you must insist upon therapeutic-grade essential oils." - D. Gary Young, Founder and President of Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living essential oils rank highest in terms of quality, purity and manufacturing standards of all other oils on the market today. In fact, the founder, Gary Young, has succeeded in raising the bar for the entire essential oil industry by creating some of the most exacting and demanding processing standards for his own company to comply with.

These high standards have allowed Young Living to give the OK on taking many of its essential oils internally as dietary supplements-something that was almost unheard of in the early stages of this industry. Very few companies have yet been able to match this level of purity.

Of course, it is still absolutely necessary to read all warnings and follow all directions on every label of all essential oils products, and to become acquainted with the Cautions For Use . And of course, some essential oils cannot be taken internally because the plant itself is toxic. Nonetheless, the idea was revolutionary-yet attainable through Gary Young's determination and persistence.

How does Young Living insure such high standards of purity? By adhering to the strictest quality control system in the industry that monitors products from seed to package! Here are just a few of the major steps:

  1. Organically grown crops: Because Young Living grows many of the plant crops that become the raw material for essential oils, product quality is insured from the very beginning. Young Living grows most of its own crops organically. Organic cultivation replenishes the soil by natural methods and uses no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. When Young Living must purchase crops from other growers, they make every effort to insure that these growers are also using organic methods whenever possible. This boils down to a product that is as pure and free from chemical residues as they can be.

  2. Advanced distillation technology: The process of refining plant material into essential oils is called distillation. Proportionately, it takes huge amounts of raw material to make small amounts of essential oil. Gary Young designed and created his own distillation process that uses stainless steel tanks and a system that controls the precise amount of steam pressure so as not to "fracture" the molecules as the oils are extracted. Many other producers of essential oils use too much heat and pressure, which damages the molecular structure of the oil, thereby reducing the therapeutic qualities.

  3. Independent laboratory testing and certification: All Young Living oils are certified by two independent laboratories which test each and every batch. One set of standards called AFNOR (Association of French Normalization Organization Regulations) is one of the most reliable indicators of essential oil quality. This standard is more stringent and differentiates true therapeutic-grade oils from similar oils of inferior chemistry. If some constituents are either too low or too high, they can't be certified by AFNOR. However, Young Living is one of very few (if any) U.S. companies that use the AFNOR standard for ALL their oils.


Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor at UCLA and author of The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution For Pain says:

"Young Living has the best researched products I have seen in the alternative health industry. Their MSM formula is a mainstay in my medical practice."

Dr. Robert Delmonteque, renowned authority on fitness, and Senior Medical Advisor to Journal of Longevity Research and Muscle & Fitness magazine, says:

"I've never seen anything like these products. They combine the highest quality ingredients with scientifically proven formulas. They are the best available, and I've tried virtually every protein bar and drink on the market during the past 20 years."

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