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About the Compensation Plan

How You Earn Money With the Young Living Compensation Plan.

Young Living's compensation plan gives you 9 different ways to generate income.
The essence of network marketing is that you make both direct income—from merchandise you sell directly to your customers—and residual income—as a percentage of sales from the distributors who have signed up under you, forming your own “downline,” as it’s called. This means that you don’t need to sell thousands of dollars of merchandise all by yourself to make money. 
Let us first show you how you can make over $5,000 a month by your fifth month in business by following these 6 steps .
Step 1: You purchase one of the Business Builder Packs for $ 149.95. Choose from the Essential Oils Pack, the ART Pack, or the Juice Pack and also purchase the Fast Start Health Pack. ($200)
Your Investment in your future the first month is $349.95
Step 2. Sponsor 6 people who duplicate you. (1st Level) You make $600 based on the volume generated by the purchases of those 6 people.
Step 3. Help 2 of the 6 you enrolled also enroll 6 people who each purchase a Health Pack  and other producst for $300 each and you earn a matching bonus of $ 450 on each of the 2 who become business builder's efforts for a total of $900. (2nd Level)
Step 4. Help 2 of your 6 personally enrolled members enroll 6 members who commit to at least $100 per month autoship purchases (the average order in YL is $187) and help them enroll their 6, creating a total group volume of purchases of $1,000 or more each and you make $500 per month above the commissions earned within Phase I of the Quick Silver Team Performance Bonus. (don't fret if this seems complicated. It is not and we gladly explain it in greater detail.
Step 5. Help your 2 builders generate 2 groups which each generates at least $1,000 group volume in autoship, each group duplicating the same you did, and you make $2,000 above the regular commission earnings. That is called Phase 2.
Step 6. Repeat these steps in width 3 times. When you with the help of your downline repeat this step 3 times, having now 6 active first level builders or distributors in your downline all duplicating, you will make $72,000 annually over and above the compensation plan.
Although this might seem a tall order, some dtermined individuals are doing it, but even if  you "only" enrolled just one builder per month who duplicates this, in one year you can still become a DiamondStar earning close to a 6 figure income.  
Where else can you get such a rapid increase in income? And it will not stop when you stop. No, others in your group keep repeating the same system over and over showing you the tremendeous power of Leverage.
Now back to the regular compensation Plan:
When you sign up with Young Living, you can immediately start selling products. The percentage you earn on retail customers is 24% and you need not stock products. The customers choose from a catalog or on the Internet what products they want and order directly from Young Living, who does all the packing, shipping and billing for you.

If some of your sales are to preferred customers, you will earn 12% of those sales. To qualify as a preferred customer, they must choose to be on autoship each month. Qualifying customers in turn pay 12% less for their products, receive special shipping rates as well as rebates. You, the distributor or independent business person benefit because clients on autoship create greater stability for your business. It is a win - win situation.

When you sign up new distributors, you will earn 5% on their purchases and you will earn a 25% bonus commission from all orders they place the first month and 15% the second month, for a maximum of $200. However, they are doing the selling, not you. You have now gone beyond direct sales compensation for income.

With each distributor sign-up, you continue to get these bonuses for month #1 and #2. As you continue to sign up new distributors, these bonuses can certainly start to add up. However, there’s more.

As your new distributors bring in sales and sign up their own distributors, you can also earn matching bonuses on their bonuses... In addition you can earn 5% on all sales of your downline members all the way down to five levels. This can also add up quickly if your original distributors are very active. And as you move up in downline sales, you earn more bonuses and incentives in the form of percentages of sales.

As your downline continues to expand and you advance to various ranks of “Silver” and beyond, you can earn additional “generation bonuses” on all of the sales volume of your organization. The bonuses increase as your downline grows.

If this was complicated for you, then maybe this differently worded explanaition will make this clearer:

Benefits and Qualifications for YL Compensation Plan

Distributor Status
1.  No need for autoship order
2.  Need to order one Success Kit (only for NEW Distributors) * this may be ordered at the same time as the first product order
3. Sign the Distributor Application/Agreement Form (may be done on-line when placing first order)
4.  Need to place a $50 order in the same month as enrollee or customer in order to receive a commission on their order (not required unless they wish to qualify for commissions)
4.  Saves 24% off retail prices
5.  Additional commissions/rebates
*Personal Rebate - 10% rebate on your PV (Personal Volume) that exceeds $200 in a month.  (includes preferred & retail customers)
*Star Performance - (must be an active distributor)
*25% on 1st mo. purchases for each new Distributor enrolled
*15% commission on 2nd consecutive month purchases (you need to have a $50 autoship order for this)
*When you help your distributors sign up their own distributors, YL matches their Star Performance Bonus and gives the same amount to you!  (to earn this matching bonus, you must have a $100 autoship) 
*Retail & Preferred Customer Earnings -
  You earn 24% of your retail customer's purchases. 
  You earn 12 % of your preferred customer's purchases. (these are included in your PV)

Preferred Customer
1.  Need to be on minimum $50 autoship
2.  Does not qualify for commissions
3.  Saves 12% off retail prices

Retail Customer
A member who does not have an autoship and chooses to order and purchase for personal use.  Retail customers pay 24% above the wholesale price.  They do not form a downline or earn commissions, thus they have no need for PV.  The PV
of a Retail Customer's purchase rolls up and counts towards their sponsor's PV. 

Professional Discount Program

Only business professionals may be given Professional Member status and participate in the Professional Discount Program.
To gain this status they must submit:
1.  Federal Employer Tax ID Documentation,
2. Copy of a valid business license.
They can receive:
31% discount off retail orders of  $500-999.99
35% discount off retail orders of $1000
No discount is paid on orders that are less than $500.

Most compensation plans are challenging for those new to network marketing so don't feel bad if this confuses you. The compensation plan, although not complicated, is best explained by the person who introduced you to this oppportunity. So rather than give you any more details here, please click here for a description of the compensation plan along with a visual chart that’s helpful to understand how it works.

Compensation Plan Highlights (PDF)

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